CWL Homepic5a Streamlined operations and cost-effective solutions allow you to focus on your business objectives. Our clients across Canada and the United States enjoy the benefits of our over 30 years of dedication and ability to provide a one stop service experience.   We know that with high-quality customer service comes increased customer satisfaction and confidence. We make a point of familiarizing ourselves with your operations and distribution flow so we are able to provide efficient, effective service. We strongly believe in growing with you and your needs. This philosophy means that we are particularly receptive to adapting our business to suit yours. The safe, timely, and accurate storage and transport of your product is vital to your success - and ours.   Our full-service “flexible” warehousing, distribution and transportation solutions enable us to offer you a value-added partnership based on economies of scale. This quickly translates into greater efficiencies and reduced costs for you and your customers. The end result of which equals higher profits and greater customer loyalty.   With more than 350,000 square feet of storage Commercial Warehousing Logistics offers a variety of services including inventory information upon receipt and shipment of product, activity reports, complete on/ off docking of trailers and overseas containers, recouping, order-picking, shrink- wrapping, as well as packaging and labeling on site.
About CWLFor the past 30 years, CWL has worked as the right hand to our asset based transportation division J.G. Drapeau Ltd. Owned by the same family and housed in the same building.   Our combination of flexible services have had a great impact on our clients. By providing warehousing, distribution and transportation under one roof we have alleviated extra time and costs by providing one stop services. This also equates to easier managed supply chain. about1
CWL Servicescwl1 Warehousing Services
  • Hazardous Material
  • Dry Goods/Food Grade
  • Storage / Bulk Storage / Floor Storage
  • Full Pick and Pack
  • Container offload
  • FIFO
  • Paper Clamp
  • Display Assembly
  • Inventory Management System