Customer Care Program



Drapeau Transport initiated a program in 2001 that mirrors the Responsible Care program and set us apart from the average trucking company. Our program is calledThe Customer Care Program© and is dedicated to making improvements in how we handle chemicals. In particular only drivers that have completed our list of training programs and maintain an unblemished safety record will be allowed to haul product for any CCPA member company. Drivers who have attained this level of professionalism will be rewarded as part of the monthly incentive program. Drivers who fail to maintain that level of professionalism will be dropped from the Customer Care© team for three months. After three months of unblemished service the safety committee may recommend that the driver be placed back on the team.

All operations staff must take the same training courses as the drivers as well as a training session aimed at professional documentation procedures and load acceptance policies. The safety committee will monitor all training operations to ensure that only qualified personnel handle CCPA member shipments. The safety committee will report directly to the President. The safety committee will notify the operations manager of all qualified personnel.

The success of any professional care program can only be measured in the eyes of those people that it serves. The Customer Care Program© puts great emphasis on being seen to do the right thing all the time. It is not just good enough for us to go about our business and not cause any incidents. We have to be seen to always take the extra effort to make sure that we have looked at every move as a critical move. Shippers, receivers and the general public must be able to see that we have taken extra steps in the safe transportation of chemicals. Customer Care© team members will be the ones who take time to do the job right the first time and every time. Customer Care© team members always follow the procedures and policies as established by the safety committee. There is no exception for any chemical move. If in doubt, call dispatch. If dispatch does not know the answer they should call the Safety Manager. If he is unavailable dispatch will call the customer. The driver will not make unauthorized decisions that may affect the safety of the product or the public. The Customer Care© team will function as a true team. Every member has an obligation to promote the principles and policies as established by the committee. The safety committee will be comprised of at least one driver, one dockworker, one office staff and one manager. Any employee of Drapeau Transport, Hogg Logistics or Commercial Warehousing has an equal opportunity to hold one of the active committee seats. Every employee has an obligation to report conduct that does not follow the guidelines of The Customer Care Program© to the safety committee. Every employee has the right to suggest improvements to the policies and procedures established by the committee. Be part of the team. Be proud of your job as a professional in the transportation industry.